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In a world where the role of investment advice is under ever increasing scrutiny and faces increasing competition from self-directed services, the need to understand your customers and their motivations is greater than ever.

Our reliable data and actionable insight delivers the answers you need to achieve growth. We will help you identify new market opportunities, understand investor behavior and track competitor activity.

With a subscription to our wealth management portfolio, you will have access to:

Proprietary Data
Country Insight
Customer Insight
Competitor Insight
Competitor Tracker
Issue Insight

Our Geographical Coverage in 79 countries

Our geographical coverage explores the latest trends and development across 79 consumer payments markets, and highlights the direction in which the industry is moving.

Report Store

Data consultant

Across the business we produce over 15,000 reports, briefings, forecasts and data books each year.

Intelligence Centers

Data intelligence centre

Intuitive and interactive, our subscription platform provides our clients with extensive options for interrogating data that slots seamlessly into clients workflows.


Business consultants

Our bespoke, independent consultancy service offers global capabilities and strong understanding of local markets.

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GlobalData has a global network of offices. For general information and enquiries please contact us.

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