By delivering comprehensive, detailed market intelligence, backed by transparent methodologies and sources, complimented by alternative ways to segment markets and unique types of data, we offer our clients a proposition others can’t provide.

Comprehensive, detailed market intelligence

The data our clients receive is:

Complete: covers the full range of sectors and sub-sectors to give clients a full picture

Highly Granular: covers more category segments and sub-segments than other market information providers

Detailed: tracks thousands of brands, technologies, drugs and services in every category we cover

Global: covers the top 50 countries representing over 90% of global GDP

Comparable: standardized definitions across countries ensure comparability and ease of use

Robust methodologies and sources

Robust, transparent methodologies combine comprehensive primary inputs with detailed research and analysis. Data finalization and publication processes involve rigorous quality control processes including multiple layers of review

Alternative market segmentations

View markets in different ways in order to understand where the real opportunities lie

Unique types of data

We supplement and add context to our core sizing and forecast data for our clients with unique types of data other information providers don’t provide:

  • Product and packaging innovation tracking
  • Price tracking with Price Intelligence
  • Online sentiment tracking, covering 50,000 news, blogging and social media sites
  • City Intelligence, covering the World’s top 2,000 cities
  • Competitor intelligence from 100,000 company profiles
  • M&A monitoring by industry, sector and geography using DealTracker
  • Macro-economic market drivers
  • Technology spend predictive analytics