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Over 1 million UK drivers are uninsured

Despite motor insurance being a legal requirement, uninsured driving is still an issue that puts insured drivers at risk and needs to be tackled through tougher law enforcement.

There are over 1 million uninsured drivers in the UK according to Churchill. Analysis by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) has revealed that in London one in eight cars are uninsured, naming the capital the worst place for uninsured driving in Britain.

Car insurance is a legal requirement, but these figures highlight the fact that many drivers continue to disobey the law. This puts insured drivers at risk if they have a collision with an uninsured driver who is consequently unable to cover third-party costs.

Motor insurance premiums are high at present, which is a potential cause of uninsurance. Drivers across the UK are paying higher premiums as a result of individuals failing to insure their vehicles. Premiums have also risen rapidly in response to LASPO not being as effective as anticipated, in addition to insurers passing on the 3.5 percentage point rise in insurance premium tax to customers.

The MIB is committed to raising awareness the problem uninsured driving creates, calling for operations to enhance the detection of uninsured drivers and introduce tougher penalties for those committing the offense. Vehicle recognition technology is already on the roads to monitor the speed of vehicles. Automatic number plate recognition and fixed cameras could therefore also be used to tackle uninsurance, which would greatly support routine vehicle checks already carried out by the police – and could help cut the price of premiums for consumers.

By Danielle Cripps, General Insurance Analyst

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