27% of healthcare experts believe it will take more than a year for COVID-19 disrupted clinical trial activity to return to normal, says GlobalData

In a recent GlobalData poll*, healthcare experts estimated that it would take some time for the clinical trials that were disrupted due to COVID-19 to return to normal. Out of 731 respondents, 27% suggested that it could take more than 12 months, while 23% said it would take four to six months.

Priya Nair, Trials Intelligence Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “As countries are gradually lifting strict lockdown measures, many trials are set to resume activity. As of 17 August, the number of resumed trials increased from 500 on 28 July to over 600, with the US having the highest number of resumed trials. Out of these, 84.7% are currently recruiting participants, 7.6% have completed recruitment but are still ongoing, and 1% have yet to start onboarding subjects.”

The US has the highest number of resumed trials at 70.8%, followed by the UK at 8.0%, Spain at 7.6%, France at 7.0%, and Germany at 6.6%. These numbers are expected to steadily increase as lockdown measures globally are eased further.

Nair concludes: “The majority of trial disruptions can be attributed to patient safety measures, strict lockdown requirements, social distancing procedures, and the high demand on medical professionals to treat COVID-19 patients.”

* completed between July 8 and August 3

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