60% agree that no Brexit is better than ‘no deal’ Brexit

Following today’s news (19 December 2018) that the EU is implementing a ‘no deal’ Brexit plan, Alexandra Annis, Pharma analyst at GlobalData offers her view:

“This news does not come as a surprise as 38% of respondents from GlobalData’s recent report ‘Brexit and the Healthcare Industry – Implications for Pharma, Q3 2018’ indicated a ‘no deal’ Brexit is the most likely outcome. However, this does not mean the EU is planning for the best outcome of Brexit. Only 5% of respondents indicated a ‘no deal’ Brexit is the best outcome while 60% of respondents indicated no Brexit is the best outcome.

“This news follows decreasing sentiment on the impact of Brexit on the healthcare sector, as 59% of respondents indicated their sentiment has become more negative when polled in June 2018. A ‘no deal’ Brexit has the potential to substantially impact the UK healthcare industry with major concerns around the regulatory implications of the UK leaving the EEA, disruption to cross-EU drug supply chain, and funding for research and manufacturing.”

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