Corporate Social Responsibility

GlobalData PLC Our People

GlobalData aims to recruit and retain highly talented employees across the business through our thriving and entrepreneurial culture. We believe this gives us a competitive advantage against our rivals and results in a more engaged and effective workforce.

GlobalData places considerable value on the involvement of our employees. We keep them informed on matters affecting them as employees, as well as on the factors affecting the performance of the Group. This is achieved through formal and informal meetings and through the company intranet, which was recently upgraded to enable a more fluid platform for employee engagement across the Group.

The Group benefits from the diversity and variety of our workforce and we are fully committed to maintaining and encouraging diversity. It is the Group’s policy to give full and fair consideration to the employment of disabled persons, the continuing employment of employees becoming disabled, and to the full development of the careers of disabled employees, having regard for their particular abilities.

The Group’s core asset is its employees. As a service company supplying high quality research, information and analysis via research and analyst teams, our people are critical to the success of the business.

GlobalData PLC Our Environment

The Group strives to minimize its impact on the environment and in doing so has introduced the following initiatives:

  • All paper sourced from accredited sustainable suppliers
  • A continued drive to move to online paperless publications
  • Reduced paper waste through internal print and copier policy
  • Energy waste reduced through smart office lighting systems

We are mindful of our potential environmental impact and our responsibility to reduce this across our 23 global offices as well as at the various events we run globally.

GlobalData PLC Our Clients

Through the provision of business information in the form of data, analysis and innovative solutions across a number of vertical markets, we help our clients further advance their services in areas which, in some cases, have critical contributions to make to the wider world.

Our clients rely on us to provide robust information that underpins key elements of their business and strategic planning. In order to maintain a high quality service for all our clients, we frequently gather feedback through surveys and other types of client interaction on current and planned product offerings. This enables us to continue to meet client needs by constantly improving and evolving our products and services.

We adhere to strict research and analysis methodologies to maintain a high level of data quality, critical in securing the ongoing integrity of our data and credibility and confidence with our clients.

In summary, our clients benefit from:

  • Established planning processes
  • Auditable methodologies
  • Strict quality control procedure
  • Analyst training and mentoring
  • Ongoing communication between analysts and customers

GlobalData continues to invest in products, services and relationships with our existing and potential clients.

GlobalData PLCOur Community

Our values and our people have created a positive environment that extends beyond the communities we work with directly to involve a roster of charities.

Our support for these causes is much more than an annual donation from corporate funds. In keeping with the collaborative way of working we foster, our community work engages everyone in the business.

Responsibility for identifying which initiatives to engage with each year is given to staff and the choices supported by senior management. The latest charitable organizations supported include:

  • PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) is a global charity/social enterprise hybrid. Its mission is to expand access to sustainably delivered, quality secondary education across Africa.PEAS develop and launch secondary schools that contribute to long-term societal change, poverty reduction and the empowerment of young people in Uganda and Zambia.

The Group’s core asset is its employees. As a service company supplying high quality research, information and analysis via research and analyst teams, our people are critical to the success of the business.