Coca Cola Spain
“GlobalData data is a key input for our Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence teams. It helps us to understand the category dynamics and the competitors’ landscape. It is key not only to monitor market reality but also to build our forecasts, support strategic decisions and set future objectives. Even though an integration of all data in shorter number of databases would be desirable, Wisdom is a friendly and flexible tool, it gives us a very quick access to different GlobalData data sets.”
Nestle Philippines
“GlobalData offers an in depth global perspective on the liquid beverage trends. What’s more, they add value with their wide perspective on consumer insights, channels and competitive scenario. Very professional and reliable.”
DEVIN JSC, Bulgaria
“In a market of specific dynamics and crisis challenges, it is of extreme importance to any FMCG business to get hold of the correct data and trends on time. In the last decade, we in DEVIN have been relying on GlobalData to provide us with accurate market data, on which we have built our very bold growth plans to become the number one bottled water in Bulgaria and have succeeded in doing so. The team at GlobalData – both in the country, region and home office have been supporting us in these times of success and challenges with their refined professional expertise, openness and collaboration. I’d highly recommend GlobalData to anyone who wants to understand the soft drinks market in CEE.”
HEINEKEN International
“Over the years GlobalData has become one of the most insightful global resources to Heineken. Their data scope provides us with insights on beer and the entire beverage industry on a global level.
The analytical tool is state of the art and easy to use for many different audiences throughout the company. GlobalData’s industry knowledge and excellent support makes their service of great added value to our business.”
“GlobalData helps us to reduce the complexity and to understand the interdependencies of the global beverage industry. In a dynamic environment they bring us valuable market insights supporting our strategic decision-making process as a long-term and trustable partner.”
Jose Cuervo
“We have been working with GlobalData for several years and a great part of our success in the development of new products and repositioning of our brands is thanks to this.
I think they are more than a mere information supplier; over the years they have given us advice, expertise and deep knowledge of the beverage market in general.
Great results, integrity and valuable expertise.”
“It is a pleasure to work with GlobalData. The data is accurate, presentation is clear, and support comes always quickly and friendly. Looking forward to seeing the new website.”
Dark Dog, The Energy Drink Company
“Our experiences with GlobalData have always been positive, providing us with invaluable insights into the beverage market. The GlobalData team is flexible, available 24/7, and always happy to help – we couldn’t ask for better service.”
“Clearly, the GlobalData global capabilities in the beverage market analysis have brought a unique benefit for the Diana Company. Beyond the quality of the provided data, I particularly appreciate the tailor-made approach and close relationship which drive quick and efficient answers to our needs.”
“GlobalData always provide us with not only information but also strategic ideas. If your company wants to be a success in the Asian Beverage category, first you had better contact GlobalData.
They always help us like friends.”