Alternative Protein The Next Big Thing

As #animalagricultureemissions account for around one-fifth of human-caused #climatechange, it is impossible to achieve the #ParisAgreement goals without shifting away from conventional animal agriculture.

The current global #climatechange policy ignores the massive role that #alternativeproteins, an industry developing sustainable protein solutions using plant-based, cell-based and fermentation-derived technologies, play in limiting the world temperature rise.

GlobalData Plc research finds that #venturecapital (#VC#investments rose exponentially between 2017 to 2020. However, despite the record levels of investment pouring into the alternative protein industry, experts are of the opinion that there is still a huge public funding gap for alternative proteins.

#GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Is Alternative Protein The Next Big Thing For Your Sector?’, reveals that investors are eager to grab a spoonful of alternative protein startups that believe in the potential of technology to radically recreate the protein ecosystem.
Flavour innovation, anti-allergic variants, and edible packaging are some of the notable product innovations in the alternative protein space.

Companies are patenting their product manufacturing techniques and investing in novel technologies right from #AI#3Dprinting to #cellculture and #fermentation.

Here’s a look at GlobalData’s Technology Leaderboard matrix. Nestle SA is clearly the disruptive innovator with total patent filings of more than 1,600 as of 31 December 2020.

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