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New phone app helps young drivers reduce premiums

A new smartphone app designed to prevent drivers from becoming distracted is being developed to help road users cut the cost of their motor insurance premiums.

Software group Romex is creating a safe driving app for the consumer market titled Distraction Prevention. The app is targeted at young drivers, as they are the most likely to succumb to distractions while driving, especially in the form of notifications on their smartphones.

Distraction Prevention promotes safe and responsible driving by ensuring the driver’s attention is fully focused on the road, meaning the app works to reduce the risk element. It uses the phone’s GPS system to detect when the user is traveling quicker than walking pace. It then locks the device, disabling all calls, texts, emails, and any social media platforms installed on the phone. The app also monitors the driver’s speed and time spent on the road, which bodes well for both the insurer and the policy holder.

Romex is currently looking for insurers to sign up to the app, and partnering with the company could have many benefits. Younger drivers would feel incentivized to have the app on their phone with the prospect of qualifying for a rebate on their motor insurance policy and thus lowering their costs. This is especially important given that motor insurance premiums continue to rise and younger road users feel the pinch more so than others. In turn, insurers registered on the platform stand to benefit from increased business from younger drivers on their private motor books.

By Thomas McCourtie, General Insurance Analyst

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