Apple’s iPhone 12 announcement will result in an aggressive holiday selling season

Following the news that Apple has introduced iPhones with 5G technology, Lynnette Luna, Principal Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view on Apple’s iPhone 12 announcement:

“Carriers that have rolled out 5G have been waiting for this moment. As a result, we can expect a particularly aggressive holiday selling season as carriers look to recoup their 5G investments and spur pandemic-weary consumers into buying new devices. There is no longer a reason for customers to wait to upgrade as the new iPhone 12 not only has 5G but also notable improvements from past models.

“Apple has the clout to bring new technologies to the forefront once it adopts them – we saw this happen when 4G was a new technology. While many are concerned 5G networks are not robust enough to spur adoption of the new iPhone 12 line, there are other reasons consumers will want to buy the phone. Across the entire line, Apple has significantly improved the processor speed, display and camera quality, especially in low light, which should resonate with many consumers. Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro models feature new designs and even bigger improvements in photography features, including a new LiDAR Scanner for immersive augmented reality experiences.”

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