Australia to join elite list of nuclear-powered submarine operating countries with AUKUS pact launch, says GlobalData

Following news that the US, the UK and Australia launched a trilateral defense partnership;

Venkatesh Kandlikar, Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view:

“The formation of a new trilateral defense technology collaboration with the UK and the US will aid Australia to acquire nuclear submarines. From this trilateral partnership, Australia will be able to develop the capabilities required in the Indo-Pacific to strengthen deterrence and defense against credible regional threats and collaborate effectively with US and UK forces.

“This agreement has also caused issues among the NATO allies. Australia had, in 2016, decided to overcome the deficiencies of its conventional Collins-class submarines through a US$36bn program with the French company Naval Group.  Australia has now withdrawn from this deal causing France to issue a statement of regret. However, the establishment of the AUKUS alliance is expected to cause some setbacks to the US-French relations.

“With the development of nuclear-powered submarines, Australia will overcome the constraints set by conventional submarines. But domestic political concerns about lack of a local nuclear power sector, and nuclear waste management have been identified as obstacles to the nuclear-powered technologies development. Additionally, New Zealand has shown strong resistance to grant access to AUKUS nuclear submarine that reaches its oceans to ensure a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone.”

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