BrewDog’s ‘Lost Lager’ campaign enticing consumers through eco-consciousness

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scottish brewery BrewDog, has stood out for its agile business strategy, using innovative marketing tactics to maintain relevance in a COVID-shaped world that has left the bar and pub sector facing a -52%*1 downturn in market value in 2020 compared to 2019 figures. The most recent of these schemes saw the company hold a 24-hour giveaway of its relaunched eco-friendly ‘Lost Lager’ in a bid to raise both the company’s profile and its focus on sustainability, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Lucy Ambler, Consumer Analyst for GlobalData, comments: “This is an interesting approach to stimulate interest in an old product. By enticing consumers with a ‘bargain’ only available within a short timeframe, the exclusivity encourages impulsive purchasing. The success of the giveaway was clear as BrewDog capitalized on its ability to truly understand its audience, such as through building social media ‘hype’, as well as its rapid ‘pandemic-friendly’ adaptations to the changing market.”

The motive behind BrewDog’s giveaway has more sustainable roots. Its ‘Lost Lager’ is brewed from locally sourced surplus bread, using a third less water than other lagers in the brewing process. The brewery is also wind-powered, upping the brand’s eco-consciousness further.

Ambler continues: “While hyper-consumption through giveaways is not always seen as an ethical business model, BrewDog perfectly balances consumerism with ethics through its sustainability-focused motives. GlobalData’s recent insights show that 29%*2 of Brits now consider sustainably sourced ingredients to be more important to them as a result of the pandemic, so BrewDog is perfectly harnessing this growing interest in its production methods.”

The brand has taken its sustainable focus to the next level, announcing its arrival as a ‘carbon negative’ brand through the ‘BrewDog Tomorrow’ campaign. The company’s pledge is to only produce products in 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging.

Ambler concludes: “BrewDog’s plastic-free pledge appeals to the 36%*2 of Brits who recognize recyclable/reusable packaging as being of increased value to them post-pandemic. While a further third*2 (33%) of consumers recognize a ‘reduced environmental footprint’ as more important to them. As a result, Brewdog’s transparent business model to tackle the environmental crisis builds on these growing ethical consumption values and places the company at the forefront of the ever-growing eco-conscious movement in FMCG.”

*1: Data obtained from GlobalData’s Foodservice Market Analyzers on Market Value Trends by Ownership.

*2: GlobalData’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery Consumer Survey Results: Week 11 – UK (Published 9th December 2020) – Combined responses: “It is now my top priority”, “It is significantly more important to me”, and “It is slightly more important to me”

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