British companies showing adaptability and offering more domestic options is a positive move, says GlobalData

According to GlobalData’s Week 10 COVID-19 Survey, 44% of British respondents are extremely concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, whilst only 2% are not concerned. These figures highlight the impact that COVID-19 is continuing to have on the British psyche and does not bode well for the international tourism market.

“According to the same survey, 40% of British respondents believe the situation will improve in the UK within the next month, whilst 23% believe it will stay about the same. This suggests a larger proportion of the British market may consider traveling domestically in the near future. To give further confidence to British tourism companies, respondents from the UK have far more trust in British products than any other region worldwide (75%).

“This is brilliant news for domestic tourism within the UK and means British residents will be receptive to local tourism campaigns. Many Brits may find themselves with less disposable income due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. If UK tourism operators target these customers, there is every chance there will be a boom in domestic tourism post COVID-19.

“Companies such as Intrepid Travel have used their initiative and introduced a new range of ‘closer to home’ tours aimed at supporting local communities striving to recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. UK destinations include Scotland, Cornwall, Suffolk the Lake District and Peak District. This combination of demonstrating corporate responsibility by supporting local businesses whilst also providing customers with domestic holiday options is something that will appeal to a large portion of the British public. If more companies follow in Intrepid Travel’s footsteps it could increase the chances of a successful bounce back once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.”

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