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BT-Data Center and Cloud Services

BT – Data Center and Cloud Services

John Marcus
May 11, 2017
Product Assessment – Data Center and Cloud Services – Global

Report Summary:

BT has a strong answer for questions around legacy hosting, cloud connectivity, hybrid cloud management and local data sovereignty, making it a very credible option for enterprises with a variety of computing requirements.


Competitive Strengths

  • BT’s full-breadth approach to its portfolio ensures it remains relevant to customers with varying cloud requirements, readiness and acceptance.
  • BT’s global infrastructure includes 48 data centres and 2,000 BT Advise Compute professionals – a level of investment that is difficult to match, providing a consistent global service experience.
  • BT’s ‘Cloud of Clouds’ services integration strategy has been successful, generating very strong growth in its first fiscal year.
  • BT’s global network, with services available in over 190 countries, is a major asset and provides added value to its data centre customers, including superior performance guarantees.
  • BT’s powerful Compute Management System (CMS) enables customised interfaces for direct and rebranded resale of BT services within the enterprise, as well as third-party services.
  • BT’s success in building an ecosystem of alliances means potential partners are now approaching BT to see how they can fit into the Cloud of Clouds.

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