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BT: IP Connect, Ethernet Connect

 BT: IP Connect, Ethernet Connect

Gary Barton,
June 30, 2017
Product Assessment Report – Data WAN (UK)

Report Summary:

BT holds a leading position in the UK data WAN market offering an advanced and diverse range of solutions. BT offers compelling differentiation for large enterprises through its SDN capabilities and WAN acceleration and optimization services.

What’s New

  • BT has agreed to legally separate itself from Openreach. Openreach will remain part of BT Group, but will have its own board of directors.
  • BT won a GBP 100 million network and IT upgrade deal with the Metropolitan Police Service.
  • BT won a five-year network deal from the Co-Operative Group’s UK food retail business.

Current Perspective


BT’s data WAN proposition is market leading in the UK, because the carrier’s market share and operational presence is unmatched. The carrier also offers the UK’s most well-rounded telecoms portfolio allowing it to meet the needs of all customer types from small to large, as well as providing support for regional, national or international requirements. the service provider reports positive take-up for EFM and FTTC access, and BT is expanding the reach of both EFM and superfast broadband. The carrier can switch access from EFM to FTTC, or vice versa, with a simple implementation since both products are connected into the same core. BT can offer leased line coverage

throughout nearly all of the UK. BT’s next-generation network, 21CN, has the mandate of providing two full national MPLS backbones for dual-resiliency, which is unmatched in the local market. In addition, the acquisition of EE means that BT can offer 3G and 4G access to networks over the UK’s largest mobile network.

BT is considered a safe choice with a proven track record in managing large IP VPN deployments (e.g., DFTS for MOD, the BBC and Unilever). BT continues to invest in its geographic network reach and its ‘My Account’ customer portal, including improvements to SLAs. A centralised dashboard is available to customers; from a single log-in, they can view performance as well as monitor third-party appliances such as Ipanema and Riverbed.

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Kim Roz

Global Marketing Manager – Technology