Burger King’s gourmet range will entice curious consumers on a budget

Following today’s news (11 October) that Burger King has launched a new Gourmet Kings range comprising of two premium burgers;

Hannah Cleland, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view:

“Marketing this as a premium range will give Burger King a strategic point of difference as a budget food outlet amidst the backdrop of inflation issues, which the industry is currently facing.

“According to GlobalData’s Q1 2021 consumer survey, 38%* of UK consumers agree that their budget has reduced in the last year. With current record highs of inflation set to only reduce purchasing power further, consumers will increasingly seek value options. Burger King’s gourmet range offers its customer base the ‘best of both worlds’: affordability and top quality.

“As only 12% of UK consumers believe the greatest benefit of quick-service restaurants is good quality (Q1 2021), it also creates an opportunity to turn the tide of consumer opinion and help promote a premium, better-quality image for the brand when people are looking for more affordable options.

“The popularity of the Steakhouse burger, alongside the Burger King brand name, will help boost appeal for the new Argentinian and success for the range altogether, as a quarter of all UK respondents also say they are motivated to try new ingredients/flavours because of brand trust and familiarity (Q2 2021).”

* ‘somewhat’ and ‘completely’ responses combined

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