Changing fuel mix and e-mobility at the top of Delphi Technologies CEO Richard F. Dauch’s agenda

In an exclusive interview with GlobalData’s publication, automotive supplier Delphi Technologies’ CEO Richard Dauch has described his company’s top strategic priorities:

Dauch told GlobalData that high-pressure gasoline direct fuel injection systems are a big growth area for the company as Europe’s car market moves away from diesel. He commented: “The move from diesel to gasoline is happening very fast, faster than we in the industry can handle right now and we’re all chasing capacity”.

He also pointed out that the industry is having to contend with uncertainty over the speed at which electrification (‘e-mobility’) is gathering pace.

Dauch continued: “The move to electrification is happening, but it is happening at an uneven pace based on government regulations, incentives, capacity, battery costs and so on.”

However, Daunch sees his company as being in a very good place to meet changing market needs.

He added: “We have over a century of technology leadership in fuel injection systems. So, as vehicles shift from diesel to gas, and from the internal combustion engine to electric, we are ideally placed to meet shifting demand.”

Dauch sees Delphi Technologies’ long pedigree in electronic components as a big competitive attribute, as well as its ability to innovate in areas such as power electronics. Delphi Technologies has secured a $2.7bn contract for volume production of a new 800-volt silicon carbide inverter for market launch in 2022. The company says it is much more efficient than today’s systems, promising better performance and much longer range for battery electric vehicles.

Daunch concluded: “It is very large volume and when we do get into production everyone is going to be very excited when they see the vehicle that it is on”.

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