Cisco ‘Internet for the Future’ is a potential game changer

Following Cisco’s ‘Internet for the Future’ announcement;

Glen Hunt, Principal Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view on Cisco’s announcement and its effects on Cisco, its customers, and the market:

“Cisco’s “Internet for the Future” strategy is backed up by a combination of new high-performance silicon, a cloud friendly operating system, a new series of hardware platforms and a flexible consumption model designed to meet the challenges of future Internet services. Cisco’s Silicon One provides dramatic improvements in capacity and efficiency that will make it the foundation of Cisco’s routing portfolio for the next decade or more.

“The announcement draws upon Cisco’s significant investments in silicon, optics and software as well as its long experience catering to Web scales like Google and Facebook that have dramatically influenced the networking market.

“The announcement is crucial for Cisco because it needed to provide its customers a roadmap to the future that provides scale, connectivity, flexibility and security at cost points to justify investing in new infrastructures and services. The move is timely, since it comes during a time where operators are considering where and how to spend their next round of capital, notably in infrastructure technologies to drive 5G.

“While this news is dramatic, Cisco’s competitors are also formulating their future solutions, based on software, silicon and optics. As a result, Cisco will need to follow their announcement with a more detailed product roadmap for operators to truly embrace the ‘Internet for the Future’ vision Cisco has laid out.”

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