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Company Name Entity type Parent/Subsidiary/Independent Headquarters No. of Employees Annual Revenue ($M)
China Petrochemical Corp Government Parent China XXX 432,484
Volkswagen AG Public Subsidiary (of Porsche Automobil Holding SE) Germany 674,907 295,850
BHP Public Parent Australia 37,908 65,098
China Evergrande Group Public Subsidiary (of Xin Xin (BVI) Ltd  
China 163,119 73,513
TotalEnergies SE Public Parent France 101,309 184,634
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd Public Subsidiary (of China Unicom (BVI) Ltd  
Hong Kong 242,497 50,831
Electricite de France SA Public Parent France 163,423 99,871
China Post Group Co Ltd
Private Parent China XXX XXX
Renault SA Public Parent France 156,466 49,260
Life Insurance Corporation of India Public Parent India 104,036 98,062
Sky Ltd Private Subsidiary (of Comcast Corp) United Kingdom 34,677 14,744
Aditya Birla Management Corp Pvt Ltd
Private Parent India XXX XXX
Empire Co Ltd Public Parent Canada 67,000 24,063
AstraZeneca Plc Public Parent United Kingdom 83,100 37,417
Sims Ltd Public Parent Australia 4,071 6,964
Sunac China Holdings Ltd Public Parent China 72,147 30,758
CMA CGM SA Private Parent France 130,000 55,976
CJ Corp Public Parent South Korea 48 30,141
Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin Public Parent France 127,387 28,136
Absa Group Ltd Public Parent South Africa 35,074 9,200
CITIC Ltd Public Subsidiary (of CITIC Group Corp  
China 136,637 119,958
Covea Mutual Insurance Group Co
Private Parent France XXX XXX
Mitsubishi Corp Public Parent Japan 80,728 153,702
Frasers Property Limited Public Subsidiary (of TCC Assets (Thailand) Co. Ltd.  
Singapore 5,032 2,886
INGKA Holding BV
Private Subsidiary (of Stichting INGKA Foundation  
Netherlands XXX XXX
Lloyds Banking Group Plc Public Parent United Kingdom 57,955 58,591
Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd Public Subsidiary (of Suntory Holdings Ltd) Japan 23,866 11,297
Bank of Montreal Public Parent Canada 46,722 36,348
Caesars Entertainment Inc Public Parent United States of America 49,000 9,570
Inter IKEA Holding BV Private Subsidiary (of Interogo Foundation  
Netherlands 27,331 30,290
Imperial Brands Plc Public Parent United Kingdom 30,300 44,774
TUI AG Public Parent Germany 60,058 19,564
Otto GmbH & Co KG Private Parent Germany 43,000 18,991
Thales SA Public Parent France 80,995 19,146
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd Private Parent United Kingdom 345,374 59,300
Lenovo Group Ltd Public Subsidiary (of Legend Holdings Corp) Hong Kong 75,000 71,618
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd Public Parent China 61,598 17,147
Private Parent Bermuda XXX XXX
Chubb Ltd Public Parent Switzerland 31,000 40,963
Private Subsidiary (of Munchener Ruckversicherungs-Gesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft (Munich Re)  
Germany XXX XXX
Kommunal Landspensjonskasse Private Parent Norway 1,000 14,613
AEGON NV Public Parent Netherlands 20,000 62,643
Xiamen ITG Group Corp Ltd
Public Parent China XXX XXX
Prysmian SpA Public Parent Italy 30,862 15,060
Unilever Plc Public Parent United Kingdom 148,000 62,013
Danske Bank AS Public Parent Denmark 21,528 24,813
China Overseas Grand Oceans Group Ltd Public Subsidiary (of China State Construction Engineering Corp Ltd) Hong Kong 3,176 8,346
Service Properties Trust Public Parent United States of America XXX 1,496
Liebherr-International AG Private Parent Switzerland 49,611 13,763
Sumec Corporation Ltd Public Subsidiary (of China National Machinery Industry Corp  
China 20,202 26,153

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