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Company Name Entity type Parent/Subsidiary/Independent Headquarters No. of Employees Annual Revenue ($M)
Performance Food Group Co Public Parent United States of America 35,000 50,894
S Group
Private Parent Finland XYZ XYZ
Wakefern Food Corp
Private Parent United States of America XYZ XYZ
S-Oil Corporation Inc Public Subsidiary (of Aramco Overseas Company BV  
South Korea 2,865 32,879
Gordon Food Service Inc Private Parent United States of America 20,000 16,000
Danfoss A/S Private Parent Denmark 41,928 10,784
Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd Public Subsidiary (of Suntory Holdings Ltd) Japan 23,485 10,715
Wegmans Food Markets Inc Private Independent United States of America 52,000 10,800
S&P Global Inc Public Parent United States of America 39,950 11,181
Carlsberg Breweries A/S
Private Subsidiary (of Carlsberg AS  
Denmark XYZ XYZ
Tryg A/S Public Parent Denmark 6,736 5,835
K+S AG Public Parent Germany 11,233 5,969
Bestseller A/S
Private Subsidiary (of Bestseller United A/S  
Denmark XYZ XYZ
Action Non-Food BV
Private Independent Netherlands XYZ XYZ
Coop Danmark A/S
Private Subsidiary Denmark XYZ XYZ
The People's Insurance Company (Group) of China Ltd Public Parent China 177,449 91,609
Jyske Bank A/S Public Parent Denmark 3,893 6,902
Hilton Food Group Plc Public Parent United Kingdom 6,688 5,292
Olam International Ltd Private Subsidiary (of Olam Group Ltd  
Singapore 81,650 34,985
DFDS A/S Public Parent Denmark 11,510 3,799
Orsted Salg & Service A/S
Private Subsidiary (of Orsted AS  
Denmark XYZ XYZ
Bell Food Group Ltd Public Subsidiary (of Coop Group) Switzerland 12,283 4,520
SK E&S Co Ltd
Private Subsidiary (of SK Holdings Co., Ltd  
South Korea XYZ XYZ
Coloplast A/S Public Parent Denmark 14,772 3,591
Brasil Telecom Participacoes S/A
Private Independent Brazil XYZ XYZ
Grundfos Holding A/S Private Parent Denmark 1,676 4,569
San Miguel Food and Beverage Inc Public Subsidiary (of San Miguel Corp) Philippines 10,371 6,291
Rockwool International A/S Public Parent Denmark 12,197 4,108
Marks and Spencer Group plc Public Parent United Kingdom 66,210 14,706
S Foods Inc Public Independent Japan 2,476 2,949
Private Subsidiary (of K+S AG  
Germany XYZ XYZ
Demant A/S Public Parent Denmark 20,570 2,785
The Schwan Food Company
Private Subsidiary (of CJ CheilJedang Corp  
United States of America XYZ XYZ
Bright Dairy & Food Co Ltd Public Parent China 12,472 4,193
Triple-S Management Corp Private Subsidiary (of GuideWell Mutual Holding Corp  
United States of America 3,911 3,702
Wade & Wendy Inc
Private Subsidiary (of RealMatch Inc.  
United States of America XYZ XYZ
Falck A/S
Private Subsidiary (of The Lundbeck Foundation  
Denmark XYZ XYZ
Private Subsidiary (of Avon Protection plc  
United States of America XYZ XYZ
GourmetBryggeriet A/S
Private Independent Denmark XYZ XYZ
Grundfos Management A/S
Private Parent Denmark XYZ XYZ
Mitsui E&S Holdings Co Ltd Public Parent Japan 6,665 5,158
Sligro Food Group NV Public Parent Netherlands 4,113 2,611
Kansai Food Market Ltd
Public Subsidiary (of H2O Retailing Corp  
Food & Life Companies Ltd Public Parent Japan 6,088 2,504
Novo Nordisk AS Public Subsidiary (of Novo Holdings AS  
Denmark 57,089 25,014
People's Food Holdings Limited
Private Parent China XYZ XYZ
Foshan Haitian Flavoring Food Co Ltd Public Subsidiary (of Guangdong Haitian Group Co Ltd  
China 7,313 3,806
Wendy Fisher Holdings Ltd
Private Independent United Kingdom XYZ XYZ
Solar A/S
Public Parent Denmark XYZ XYZ
S-1 Corp Public Parent South Korea 6,239 1,912

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