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Upstream (770+)

Access comprehensive data and analysis of global upstream assets. This includes key information on fields, wells and blocks. It covers key commercial, geological, and technical attributes of assets and analysis of developments.

Midstream (20+)

Midstream database provides details on global active, upcoming , decommissioned, and cancelled oil & gas pipelines, LNG regasification and liquefaction terminals, liquid storage terminals, underground gas storage facilities, and gas processing plants.

Power Plants (17+)

Access key information on power plants and upcoming projects for Santos Ltd. View Information by various power generating sources, project demographics, commercial and technical information.

Tenders & Contracts (5)

Detailed insights into open, awarded and pre-solicited tenders and contracts for Santos Ltd.

Equipment & Services (4)

Access key information on FPSOs/FSO vessels globally.

Smart Grid (1)

Tracks all upcoming smart grid projects across the globe. It provides detailed information about advanced grid & IT infrastructure, microgrid, automation and other smart infrastructure projects.

Energy Storage Projects (1)

Understand the energy storage landscape for Santos Ltd, drawing on intelligence spanning electrochemical, electromechanical, thermal and hydrogen storage.

Install Base (60+)

Install Base provides a holistic and a granular view of the IT product/service deployments from leading vendors. Explore IT infrastructure categories, solution and product/service areas deployed by a prospect.

ICT Spend & Tech Priorities (1)

IT Client Prospector provides intelligence on Santos Ltd’s likely spend across technology areas enabling you to understand the digital strategy.

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