Consumer sentiment towards fat and carbs are changing

Consumers’ views towards carbohydrates are becoming more negative, but fat is viewed more positively than before, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

GlobalData’s latest report, ‘TrendSights Analysis: Health & Wellness – Carbs are Bad, Fat is Good’,notes thatdespite only 6% of consumers globally are trying to increase their fat intake, trending diets such as ketogenic and paleo that encourage eating fats and avoiding carbs have been incremental in changing the perception of these sources of energy. The keto diet has been trending in markets such as the US, where 8% of consumers are actively trying to increase fat intake. But the figures vary significantly with age and gender. For example, 24% of men aged between 35 and 44 in the US are aiming to increase their fat consumption, which is the largest proportion compared to any other gender or age groups.

Mitsue Konishi, Senior Innovation Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “What to eat is one of consumers’ key considerations. Pursuing health and weight management are two key motivations for consumers to seek specific diets. Consumers have also become savvy about nutrients, and understand that not all fats or carbs are equal in terms of impact on their health.

“All consumers have the potential to be drawn to products that favor fats over carbs depending on their specific needs and how they define value and quality. However, younger people will be key targets for ‘positive’ fat products, while women are more inclined towards reduced carb diets compared to men.”  

Manufacturers have opportunities to develop the innovations that cater to this ‘carbs are bad, fat is good’ trend to help consumers achieve their specific goals and diets.

Konishi concludes: “Multiple methods can be used for innovating the product. Healthy swaps (e.g. swapping traditional carbs with healthy alternatives) and added health benefits can be effective ways to raise product appeal. Offering products to support specific high-fat diets also have potential, as the diet like keto has many restriction and difficult to achieve efficiently.”

Information based on GlobalData’s report: ‘TrendSights Analysis: Health & Wellness – Carbs are Bad, Fat is Good’

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