GlobalData Plc

Why GlobalData

We’ll empower your business to decode the future thanks to unique data, expert analysis, innovative solutions delivered through a single platform.

Seeing the world in glorious detail

Unique Data

Our clients see the world in glorious detail thanks to the richness of our data, allowing them to make better informed judgments leading to bolder decisions.

GlobalData PLC Comprehensive, detailed market intelligence

  • More granular and detailed than other total market information providers
  • Tracking thousands of brands in each product category
  • Global coverage of over 80 countries
  • Comparable: standardized definitions across countries for consistency and convenience
  • Regular international consumer behavior and attitudes surveys 
  • Tracking over 20,000 companies against a variety of key metrics (such as product performance, news, deals, innovation)
  • Consumption valuations by 26 consumer groups and 20 consumer trends

GlobalData PLCAlternative market segmentations

  • We provide alternative views of the market to help you identify where the real opportunities lie 
  • For example, we segment by consumer group, motivation, occasion and location, or through the filter of health and wellness

GlobalData PLCUnique types of data

  • Product innovation tracking
  • Daily price monitoring of over 400,000 stocking keeping units (SKUs)
  • Industry sentiment analysis
  • City Analysis: granular data across 2,000 cities

GlobalData PLCRobust methodologies and sources

  • Combination of comprehensive primary inputs with detailed research and analysis
  • Over 400 in-house researchers placed in over 80 geographies to undertake localized primary market research and desk-based research
  • Independent audits by a top four global audit firm

Our insights, your clarity

Expert Analysis


GlobalData PLCOur People

  • 300 Consumer & Retail experts and 100 consultants
  • 80% of our experts have a higher level degree such as a PhD or Masters

GlobalData PLCProprietary analytical frameworks

  • Proprietary methodologies and frameworks e.g. TrendSights, the world’s longest established trend tracking service, provide detailed current and future-focused insight into global and local consumer trends
  • Advanced modeling tools, data systems and algorithms for powerful and actionable insights
  • Integrated format for efficient data compatibility

Tools hardwired to your workflow for better call to action

Innovative Solution

Our single platform organizes all the content our clients need, with powerful tools to make it easy for users to find the answers they’re looking for, in the way they want. This makes it quick and easy to incorporate this information into your own workflows. Different user-centric tools mean that C-level executives can access high-level dashboards, while power users can access powerful data manipulation tools.

GlobalData PLC The features of our platform include:

  1. Highly powerful data access and mining
  2. Strong in-tool analytical capabilities
  3. Leading edge visualization tools
  4. Automated alerts to embed into our clients’ workflows

Our local support is adapted to our clients’ local business requirements. If you need more information, or want the benefit of expert insight, the ‘Ask an Analyst’ function provides direct access to our local experts and Client Services teams.

We also support you through our Consulting and Single Copy Report services.

A complete view of each industry

One Platform

Our Intelligence Centers offer you a complete outlook of the factors affecting your market today.

GlobalData PLC End to end View:

  • An end-to-end view of your entire industry value chain: from suppliers, manufacturers, channels to end-users (being consumers, patients, customers, etc.)
  • Tracking the key strategic issues affecting your industry such as innovation, digital disruption, risk, urbanization and social media
  • An user-friendly interface
    • Single login processes
    • All the information in one place and easily shared with colleagues