GlobalData Plc

Methodology & Tools

Our suite of tools includes:

Custom Research Approach
GlobalData works collaboratively with you to understand your particular needs so we can assess the most effective methodologies and assets for every assignment.

This custom research approach enables us to deliver the specific data and insight, together with actionable outcomes, for any given requirement you may have.

Our custom solutions include:

In-country, in-field expertise via a dedicated network of over 100 industry expert consultants with wide-ranging market experience

Quantitative research with access to 4 million consumers worldwide

Qualitative research from focus groups to shopper & social media analysis

Advanced statistical & database expertise

Whether it is taking advantage of our in-market experts, using our statistical analysis teams to build econometric models or employing our consumer panels to deliver quantitative or qualitative research solutions, the analyst and research teams that will work on your projects have access to an unrivaled suite of assets and tools.

These tools enable us to deliver critical insights across the entire consumer value chain – from ingredients and packaging to retail and foodservice, and ultimately to the consumer and shopper.

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Consumer Consumption Tracking

If you are seeking to track beverage consumption both in-home and out-of-home, our Share of Throat solution provides genuine visibility and understanding of the occasions, locations and channels driving volume growth.

Updated on a quarterly basis, the information contained in this customizable solution is based on a program of continuous primary research tracking the drinking behaviors of consumers on a daily basis. This is supplemented by in-depth analyst research across all main beverage product categories, ensuring the most complete and current volume data is always available to your business.

Delivered online via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Share of Throat allows you to readily retrieve data and create custom data views. Further helping your strategic insight, users are also provided with individually tailored presentations prepared by the GlobalData Custom Solutions team.

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Forecasting Tools

To take account of the many variables that influence sales performance and deliver accurate forecasting, we have developed a multi-variable econometric forecast tool.

This tool integrates macroeconomics, microeconomics, operational and weather variables, as well as our market experts’ knowledge, to forecast sales with unique accuracy.

Every variable is correlated in order to find the exact impact on sales within each change. Econometric programs are used to design the forecast model, which is presented in an easy-to-use Excel file.

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Social Media Tracking

If you require immediate insight into consumer attitudes and sentiments towards companies, issues and brands, our advanced sentiment tracking tool provides full listening coverage and analytics across online and social media channels.

This global, multilingual solution provides you with unrivaled coverage and insight, streaming information from blogs, forums, social networks, media websites and mainstream news across the world.

Data is filtered, ensuring accurate and robust decoding of online conversations in order to provide you with the very latest affecting your markets.

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