GlobalData Plc


The Foodservice Intelligence Centre has been designed with the aim of aiding suppliers to, and operators in, the industry to understand the market and to identify where opportunities exist. GlobalData’s service fills information gap in the market by addressing four key information needs suppliers and operators have, across both the profit and cost sectors of the industry:

  • Provision of regularly updated market information – accurately reflecting the complexities of the industry and potential opportunities
  • In-depth understanding of the business activities and strategies of major market players
  • Critical insight on the key drivers affecting the industry – from a product, consumer, format and regulatory perspective
  • The ability to make better informed, timely and accurate decisions
Foodservice Categories:
Cost Operator Categories Complementary Services Education
Healthcare Military & Civil Defense
Welfare & Services
Profit Operator Categories Accommodation Leisure
Mobile Operator Pub, Club & Bar
Restaurant Retail
Travel Workplace

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