GlobalData Plc


GlobalData Packaging provides an unrivalled wealth of market data and information on packaging demand across the consumer packaged goods industry, helping our clients to deliver the most effective market planning.

With 50 countries and 170 product categories and further product segments under scope, we provide detailed insight, data and analysis of packaging market trends, with core consumption data broken down by primary packaging demand into container type, material, size, closure type and material, and outer type and material.

Analyze broad-scale packaging trends and deep dive into specific categories or materials. With in-depth analysis and a highly detailed database at your fingertips, the Packaging Intelligence Center enables you to make informed and strategic decisions for your organization in an ever-changing and highly competitive market.

GlobalData’s packaging team also offers a full range of bespoke services for international packaging market research and consulting.

Packaging coverage:
Pack materials and sub-materials  Outer type
Pack types  Pack size bands
Closure materials  Individual pack sizes
Closures types  Multipackaging
Outer materials

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