Covid-19 infection prevention methods should be strictly adhered to during the Tokyo Olympic Games, says GlobalData

The Olympic games are considered to be the world’s most prestigious sports competition, with more than 200 nations participating. However, this year’s Olympic games are facing complications due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In order to limit the potential outbreak of hosting the event, spectators as well as athletes and support staff should entirely avoid using public transport where necessary and not mix with members of different households in restaurants or tourist attractions while on their stay, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

GlobalData’s latest Coronavirus Disease 2019 dashboard highlights a downward trend in new COVID-19 case numbers for Japan as its fourth wave is on a downwards trajectory. The number of daily new cases has sharply declined from a peak of more than 7,000 cases on May 12 to just under 2,000 cases on June 16.

Kamal Duran, Associate Epidemiologist at GlobalData, comments: “The IOC along with the Japanese Government will need to act swiftly to enforce the various counter measurements proposed for the Olympics. Authorities and officials will need to continue infection prevention methods, such as ensuring social distancing orders are being adhered to effectively.”

Japan’s vaccination rate has been relatively slow and is adding to concerns about the possible spread of COVID-19. According to reports from Our World in Data, 26.4 million doses were administrated and around 7.11 million people have been fully vaccinated in Japan. However, for Japan’s 125.36 million inhabitants, this equates to just over 5% of its total population being fully vaccinated. Medical workers and those ages 65 years and older were prioritized to receive vaccines, and vaccinations for those under 65 years of age will start in the next few weeks.

Duran concludes: “These figures means that only a small proportion of the population will be fully vaccinated if the Olympic Games continue as scheduled. As such, Japan is expected to see increased daily cases numbers and a further strain on the country’s health system after the Games have concluded.”

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