Forecasting – Patient-Based Forecasting-Pharma

Our client approached us to help it evaluate the potential of a small molecule therapeutic vs. an antibody therapeutic for the prevention of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in a number of special populations in 7 major markets.

Our Solution

GlobalData designed a study to:

  • Map clinical pathways for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Identify current trends and future unmet needs in key market segments/patient populations
  • Develop an ideal therapeutic product profile including efficacy, safety, formulation, cost, and compliance
  • Forecast the current and future market size, and the impact of market events
  • 40 KOL interviews in the US, Japan, and EU
  • Extensive quantitative and qualitative secondary research


GlobalData delivered clear insights into unmet needs, product uptake scenarios based on clinical attributes, and a comprehensive patient model/forecast, complete with specialty segments and impacts of potential market events.

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