GlobalData assists a leading packaging provider to understand the market potential among all customers for individual SKU tracking technology.

The Situation

A leading packaging provider wanted to understand the scope and market potential for its SKU tracking technology. Such technology is capable of tagging individual customer products and providing information on weight checks, use by dates, product traceability and quality control.

Our Solution

GlobalData delivered the brief by providing:

Insights from in-depth B2B industry interviews
Using our team of expert market researchers we conducted interviews with: Regulators, Retailers, Manufacturers, Co-packers, Foodservice Distributors and Operators, which explored each respondent’s usage of different barcode technologies, what they see as the use benefits, what alternatives are available, the barriers to using barcodes, and what future usage is likely to be.

GlobalData Syndicated inputs
Gathered from GlobalData’s Intelligence Centre platform which included, global consumer, manufacturer, and business leader surveys. Category, consumer, and packaging data across a range of categories and within different pack formats. Alternative data sets including Pack Track (detailing innovation in packaging) and Patent Analytics.


A full insight report and EXCEL workbook of quantitative sources used for this project provided:

  • Key insights broken down into the elements of the value chain by retailer, regulator, manufacturer, distributor, foodservice operator etc.
  • Current usage and opportunities of the technology for traceability, provenance etc.
  • Barriers to adoption, future drivers of technology usage, ROI.
  • Other technology alternatives and the use of BlockChain.
  • Overview and drivers of market trends and their impact on our client.
  • Future market outlook and changing needs of category manufacturers.

How We Can Help You

“Assessing the current and future usage, ROI, the rising cost of investment and barriers to market entry of a company’s products or services is an important part of the strategic planning process. Given the volatility in the global economy, it has never been more important to have the best data and insights to make the right strategic decisions. GlobalData has decades of experience in these areas and continues to advise some of the largest packaging and consumer businesses in the world.”

Ed Barham Director of Consulting – Packaging, Consumer Custom Solutions at GlobalData

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