A leading healthcare company uses a ‘demand spaces’ approach to strategic planning

The Situation

A leading Consumer Healthcare company identified the strongest consumer “demand spaces” based on attitudes, conditions and goals across health and wellness as part of its long-term strategic planning process. The company wanted GlobalData to produce a ‘strategic framework’ to measure the extent of competitor activity and intensity in each demand space to inform where they should and should not play in the future.

Our Solution

To deliver this project we leveraged our proprietary ‘Product Launch Analytics’‘Patent Analytics’, ‘Global Ad Source’, ‘Consumer Survey’, and ‘Deals’ databases.

We focused our research for each demand space by key consumer healthcare markets, categories and competitors. We reviewed the top global manufacturers, key local/regional players, and emergent disruptors/Big Tech companies with relevance to a specific demand space.

Our deep dive analysis included these competitor fields for each demand space:

– competitor activity & intensity
– portfolio & brands
– marketing positioning & communication
– partnerships
– investment strategy
– solutions & services by demand space
– R&D focus.


For each of the client’s demand spaces, GlobalData provided a ‘Rating’ for each competitor field reviewed, by focus market and category.

High Rating: indicated a high intensity of competitor activity in the relevant field, and therefore a higher risk to the client’s future growth opportunities.

Low Rating: indicated more limited competitor activity, and therefore identified demand spaces where the client has a ‘right to win’.

This data was used to produce a ‘Strategic Framework Rating Matrix’ by country, demand space and competitor field which used a simple traffic light color scheme to identify areas of opportunity or risk.
A final report for each demand space provided key findings, recommendations and actionable insights for the client.

How We Can Help You

“When determining long-term strategy in mature competitive markets such as Consumer Healthcare, understanding exactly where the business can compete and where it cannot is vital to making the right investment decisions. A ‘Demand Spaces’ approach to assessing market competitiveness and opportunities offers excellent data and insights to help make the right strategic decisions. GlobalData has decades of experience in this area and continues to advise some of the largest healthcare and consumer businesses in the world.”

Morgan Richert, Consulting Director Consumer Custom Solutions at GlobalData              

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