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Liquid assets held by HNW investors in Asia-Pacific (2017 - 2025, USD Billion)

  • Liquid assets held by the HNW category in Asia-Pacific, attained a value of USD 16,970.93 Billion in 2020

  • The value of these assets recorded a historical growth (CAGR) of 7.14% between 2017 and 2020, and is expected to grow by ...

  • GlobalData projects the indicator to grow ...

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Liquid assets held by HNW investors in Asia-Pacific (2017 - 2025, USD Billion)

Published: Feb 2022
Source: GlobalData

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Liquid assets held by the HNW investors in Asia-Pacific recorded a high-single-digit YoY growth in 2020

Liquid assets held by the HNW category in Asia-Pacific grew continuously between 2017 and 2020.

A key focus for most wealth providers, HNW entrepreneurs constitute the second-largest target segment (after professionals), followed by females and expats, who represent an almost equally large target market. Inheritors are the smallest segment; however, providers reaching out to female inheritors should not encounter any trouble growing their business given that this segment is often overlooked.

While there is overlap between segments, distinct investment and servicing preferences call for a differentiated servicing strategy. For example, female HNW investors are more risk averse than other segments, but they tend to be comparatively loyal to their wealth manager. On the flipside, inheritors tend to be the least loyal, meaning early and ongoing engagement is critical.

After professionals, entrepreneurs constitute the largest HNW segment

HNW entrepreneurs make for a sizable target market, and dedicated programs aimed at this segment are a must across the globe. The entrepreneurial spirit runs particularly high among Polish, Japanese, and Filipino HNW individuals – the only three nationalities tracked by GlobalData where entrepreneurs constitute more than half of the local HNW population. However, once again we see significant regional differences with regards to the makeup of the entrepreneur communities across different countries.

Targeting efforts begin in Asia, as a large share of HNW expats originate from the continent

The large size of the global HNW expat market makes it important enough to develop specialized programs and services for these mobile affluent customers as a unique segment. Smaller HNW expat groups – such as HNW individuals from Canada or Russia – may not justify the formation of a dedicated expat country desk in the country of origin. But expats from Greater China and the Indian subcontinent represent a significant opportunity globally, and are likely to figure prominently as part of the expat market in any country – making a dedicated targeting and servicing strategy important. In fact, our data shows that a noteworthy share of HNW expats originate from China and India.

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