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The Market value (OSP) in Take-away Foodservice in United States of America (2018 - 2026, USD million)

  • The Market value (OSP) in Take-away Foodservice in United States of America reached USD 415,479.93 million in 2021

  • The indicator recorded a historical growth (CAGR) of 1.90% between 2018 to 2021 and is expected to grow by ...

  • GlobalData projects the indicator to grow at a CAGR of ...

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The Market value (OSP) in Take-away Foodservice in United States of America (2018 - 2026, USD million)

Published: Nov 2021
Source: GlobalData

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United States of America foodservice market analysis

The overall value of the USA foodservice profit sector declined in 2015 –2020. The decline in the USA foodservice profit sector was due to a substantial reduction in the number of transactions in 2020, owing to the COVID -19 pandemic. The period recorded long -term closures of activities and eventually permanent closure of various businesses. However, e -commerce and takeaways played a vital role in mitigating the losses of foodservice businesses. Profit sector channels will see increasing average transaction prices, which will support the growth of the country’s foodservice market. With the return of normalcy, dine-ins will continue to dominate the majority of foodservice channels in the USA, given that consumers enjoy the opportunity to relax and enjoy a meal on premise.

Take-away market

Takeaway services played an important role during the pandemic, with more consumers preferring to get their food delivered to their homes and restricting their out-of-home visits due to COVID-19. Takeaways performed better than dine-in services.

QSR operators quickly expanded their off-premises services such as takeaways, drive-thrus, and home deliveries to support the demand of home consumption of consumers. Dine-in and takeaway services across the QSR channel registered declines, with dine-in services declining at a higher rate. Takeaways will see slightly faster growth than dine-ins over the next five years, motivating operators to focus on the development and introduction of new coffee outlets across the country.

As the government encouraged social distancing, many outlets adapted to prepare food only for takeaway consumption. Even before the pandemic, the popularity of drive-thru, takeaway, and on-the-go lifestyles was growing. The pandemic has also hastened the growth of delivery and takeaway services, and consumers will continue to demand these services afterward, too.

Take-away: Takeout, carryout, or takeaway from the premises/shop or restaurant in which meals are cooked/prepared to somewhere else to be eaten. These premises/shops or restaurant may also provide facilities for consumption on the premises. Food can either be picked up by the consumer or get delivered by the operator. Food items can typically be: pizzas, Chinese, Mexican, and other local or national offerings.

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