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The Power export in France (2017 - 2020, GWh)

  • The Power export in France reached 64,053 GWh in 2020

  • The indicator recorded a historical growth at a CAGR of 1.50% between 2017 to 2020

The Power export in France (2017 - 2020, GWh)

Published: November 2021
Source: GlobalData

Why did power export in France decrease in 2020?

France is one of the largest exporters of electricity in Europe, exporting power to Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, and the UK. France imports electricity from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, and Italy. Electricity exports have increased for the past few years owing to a decrease in consumption and a simultaneous increase in power generation.

France Power Market

France has a developed market-based economy, in which both the private and public sectors have a strong role. Power generation, public transport, and defense are dominated by government-owned companies, while some sectors, such as aviation and telecom, are led by private players. The country derives a major share of its income from tourism. Although it has a capitalist economy, the government tries to maintain social parity through laws, tax policies, and social spending aimed at reducing income inequality and the side effects of a free-market economy.

French economy has shown strong growth over the past few years, with real GDP (USD, 2010 prices) increasing between 2000 to 2020. The GDP witnessed a decline only twice in the last 2 decades; once during the global economic crisis in 2009 and again in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renewable energy is an integral part of the French government’s energy policy, with wind being the most prominent technology. In the long term, the government’s energy policy is focused on decreasing the share of thermal power plants in the power mix. For this reason, coal- and oil-based plants are being decommissioned, and this capacity is being replaced by gas-based plants. The government has plans to gradually phase out nuclear power generation.

Impact of COVID-19

France was one of the worst hit countries in the European Union due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To curb the spread of COVID-19, the French government imposed strict national lockdowns in the country with only essential services being operational. Majority of the sectors in the country were affected due to lockdowns; however, tourism and hospitality sector was the most badly affected.

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