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Digital Transformation in Insurance 2017: Introducing Danielle Cripps

Ahead of Digital Transformation in Insurance 2017 we spoke to Insurance Analyst Danielle Cripps about what she’s looking forward to at the event and how digital developments will shape the insurance industry and evolve the customer journey going forward.

What is happening within insurance at the moment that excites you?

Insurtech is changing the customer experience. Services are becoming more streamlined through technology and insurers are engaging more often with customers through apps and digital services. We are also seeing products being revolutionized; for example, the ability to reach a customer through their smartphone is becoming a feature embedded within insurance products. It’s interesting to see the role both start-ups and traditional players are taking in the digital transformation of the insurance industry – unlike other areas of financial services, they are collaborating to evolve this space.

Which presentation are you most looking forward to?

Michael Muzio, CEO of now4cover, will be discussing the art of building technology around customer needs rather than the other way round. I believe this is an important concept and has been a key message delivered within my recent publications focused on targeting over-50s and millennials. Providers need to understand the different customer segments and the diversity within them in order to develop products and services that are tailored to individuals’ needs.

How do you think digital technology will change the insurance industry in the future?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in insurtech for 2017. I believe this will dramatically change both front- and back-office operations for providers as it has the capacity to drive greater efficiency. Technology will be able to facilitate better relationships between providers and their customers. The processing of big data will help providers better understand their customers, while new areas of technology will allow new products and services to be developed.

Digital Transformation in Insurance 2017 will deliver actionable content about the whole end-to-end insurance process. Focusing on both front- and back-office functions, this strategic event is about how to use digital tools to expand your customer base and improve internal processes to ultimately grow your business. You can register for the event here.

By Danielle Cripps, General Insurance Analyst

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