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Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2017: Introducing Oliver Williams

Ahead of our Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2017 event we spoke to Head of WealthInsight, Oliver Williams, about what he’s looking forward to and how digital developments will shape the financial advice and wealth management industry going forward.

What is happening within wealth management at the moment that excites you?

The competition to find new wealth is hotter than ever before. However, wealth is increasingly fickle: we now know that UHNW individuals often have three or more private bank accounts, successors and heirs are more likely to change advisor upon inheriting, and regulatory scrutiny has made onboarding clients more difficult. This is a challenging playing field for wealth managers and it will be interesting to see how some will fair.

Which conference presentation are you most looking forward to?

The panel that I host on the second day has a very long but interesting title: ‘Interrogating what “digital” means to your organization to develop a clear vision for integration.’ Now that we are beginning to understand what form ‘digital’ will take in the wealth management sector, it will be refreshing to have some straight talking on the matter.

How do you think digital technology will change the wealth management industry in the future?

As I will be hosting a panel on the topic, I shall keep an open mind on the matter…

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