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Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2017: Introducing Ouliana Smith

Ahead of our Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2017 event we spoke to Senior Wealth Management Analyst Ouliana Smith about what she’s looking forward to and how digital developments will shape the financial advice and wealth management industry going forward.

What is happening within wealth management at the moment that excites you?

It is fascinating to observe what drives HNW individuals to invest and how their behaviors change according to economic, social, and political factors. Once their wealth generation needs are met, HNW individuals often seek to fulfil their personal interests. Wealth management firms are keen to fulfil both of these needs, while at the same time focusing on the needs of modern-day tech-savvy investors.

Which conference presentation are you most looking forward to?

The topic that caught my attention is “Determining best practices for innovating while remaining risk-adverse and regulatory compliant” by Giulia Lupato, policy advisor at the WMA. I think while wealth management firms are concerned about the scale of newer regulatory requirements, they are also seeking ways to use it to their advantage. It is important not to side-track innovation in the currently challenging environment in order for them to remain competitive.

How do you think digital technology will change the wealth management industry in the future?

We have witnessed several major players undergoing major digital transformation projects that will ultimately result in the deployment of sophisticated online offerings and improved customer experience across the board. Firms are beginning to realize the potential of upgrading their legacy systems to improve customer service and experience, while at the same time using technology to comply with new regulations. Having said this, even though digital solutions are likely to increase in popularity among younger investors, they will not entirely replace professional investment advice for some time to come.

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