Decodes emerging tech-enabled opportunities with must-have information on promising start-ups, technology led innovations, latest sector trends, consumer insights, and venture capital portfolio investments.

How it helps

Six ways in which Disruptor drives success in a disruptive world

competitor strategies

emerging trends

disruptive innovation

smart money

thought leadership

digital consumers

Capture digital consumers

Deliver next-generation customer experiences

  • Understand the motivations of the ultimate driver of market change – the consumer
  • Identify the requirements of the consumer of the future
  • Anticipate customer needs and deliver next-generation products and services

Monitor competitor strategies

Anticipate emerging competitive threats and future-proof your business

  • Pinpoint the emerging disruptors shaping technological change
  • Decode competitor strategies to avoid predictable surprises
  • Stay up-to-date with competitors’ key digital disruption developments

Monetize disruptive innovation

Learn from real-world, high-impact innovation case studies

  • Track the latest innovations leveraging disruptive technologies across sectors
  • Monitor competitor activity and stay ahead of innovation trends
  • Contextualize innovation best practices and monetise Disruptive Innovation

Decode smart money

Make sound investment decisions in next-generation technologies

  • Build your partnership ecosystem to achieve disruption objectives
  • Identify and monitor potential partners that will transform your disruptive capabilities
  • Track and trace venture capital investments into disruptive tech

Predict emerging trends

Stay ahead of the curve by uncovering emerging trends

  • Identify the players and technologies that will disrupt your core business
  • Diversify & expand beyond your core: identify your next market
  • Identify the key technologies in which your customers and competitors are investing

Mine thought leadership

Distinguish reality from media hype

  • Cut through the noise in social media by focusing on what matters
  • Identify critical insights from the top Influencers per sector via our Influencer Tool
  • Protect & grow your brand equity

What You Get

Access a complete offering with the intelligence, insights and opinions that will enable your business to win in a disruptive world.

  • Companies

    • 30,000+ companies in startups database
    • 50 Competitor Ecosystem Reports per year
    • 500+ GlobalData analysts giving expert opinions

  • Markets

    • Smart Money Investments
    • 100+ Digital Trends Reports per year
    • 50+ monthly newsletters across core verticals per year
    • Tech Maturity Framework

  • Innovation

    • 1,000+ innovation profiles
    • 50 Disruptor Case Studies per year
    • Innovation Landscape Reports

  • Consumers

    • Consumer Survey Data & Adoption Studies
    • 40+ countries covered in Techno Economic Data

  • Intelligence

    • Latest technology news & deals activity coverage
    • 500+ analyst opinions per year
    • Top 100 Influencers per sector

Who we help

GlobalData offer solutions tailored to best support you in your role

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  • Investor Relations
  • Analyst Relations
  • Public Relations

Corporate Development

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Digital Transformation


  • Sales/Business Development
  • Product Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Research & Development
  • Innovation
  • Strategic Marketing

Insight Functions

  • Business Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Research

Our coverage

A unique view of your value chain

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  • Retail
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