Drug development companies in APAC need to raise their game to capitalise on the $33bn+ immuno-oncology treatment opportunity

Drug development companies in APAC need to raise their game to capitalise on the $33bn+ immuno-oncology treatment opportunity, says GlobalData

Drug development companies in the APAC region have a huge opportunity to participate in the $33bn+ global immuno-oncology arena, observes GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

According to the company’s recent PD-(L)1 combination pipeline visualisation chart, APAC companies contribute to the development of only a minority of all PD-(L)1 combinations, signifying that APAC companies operating in the oncology space are missing an opportunity to partner with PD-(L)1s.

GlobalData Healthcare Consultant Fenix Leung says, “The PD-(L)1 combination R&D chart indicates that companies from this region are involved in investigations of only 6.4% of all PD-(L)1 combinations, reflecting APAC development is underrepresented in the oncology space despite the high unmet need.”

Currently, Japan is leading the APAC region’s PD-(L)1 combination development. However, with 3 out of 15 anti-PD-(L)1 molecules under development as both monotherapy and combination, China is on course to outperform Japan in the near future.

Leung adds: “Takeda and Eisai are currently the largest APAC contributors to the PD-(L)1 combination studies; however, they need to look out for the challenges from three Chinese companies, BeiGene, Shanghai Junshi, and Jiangsu Hengrui, which have in-house anti-PD-(L)1 drugs that are being developed in combinations.”

Given that anti-PD-1 monotherapy has become the SOC (standard of care) of early line treatment, non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and melanoma witnessed highest number of combination studies in this region. Further, the R&D chart has shown rising number of combinations studied in solid tumour (multiple tumor types) fields, suggesting the indication strategy of companies to target as many tumour types as possible.

Please see an example below of the PD-(L)1 combination R&D bullseye chart in the APAC region.

You can request a high-resolution copy by clicking here.

Information based on GlobalData’s R&D Visualization Bullseye Chart

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