DTx still huge opportunity for pharmaceuticals companies despite Pear and Novartis’ split

Following the news that Novartis’ Sandoz is handing sole responsibility for the commercialization of the reSET and reSET-O prescription digital therapeutics (DTx) back to Pear Therapeutics;

Alessio Brunello, Senior Pharma Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view:

“Pear and Novartis’ split comes at a time when many DTx companies are promoting the value of pharma partnerships. The common trend is that over the years DTx should become more popular and should see continued partnership activity in research and development (R&D) and therapeutics.

“Healthcare systems are under pressure due to the growing aging population and increasing healthcare costs. DTx could potentially address some of these problems and improve the overall healthcare system. The industry’s interest in value-based care and patient centricity is helping drive adoption of DTx as insurers and payers can use data and analytics to manage healthcare costs and help patients to receive appropriate treatment.

“According to *GlobalData, DTx will impact the healthcare system through facilitating remote patient management and personalized treatment; DTx will also impact healthcare cost, regulatory processes, and the way pharmaceutical companies do business and conduct clinical trials.

“DTx are a huge opportunity for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations, as they will allow improved adherence and outcomes, and treat patients more effectively. Drugs that are already available in the market can be efficient but are not being used optimally; DTx and digital medicine can fill this unmet need.”

*Information taken from GlobalData’s report: ‘Digital Therapeutics and Their Impact on Healthcare

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