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Social upliftment is critical in attaining a balance in society. Microfinancing helps to provide financing to smaller businesses which helps the lower strata of society grow as it leads to more job opportunities and helps people develop the skills needed for local communities to grow.

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Top Themes in Banking & Payments

As the banking world becomes ever more digitized, any providers that do not follow the trends will risk losing out. The major themes affecting the payments industry are digital lending, cybersecurity, blockchain, open banking, online payments and regulation. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the towards a digital world. Payment providers needs to be up to date with top tech themes affecting this digital era.

Banking Predictions 2022 – Thematic Research

This report identifies the 20 themes that will impact the banking industry in 2022. For each theme, we offer a series of predictions, identify winners and losers, and suggest further reading.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) – Top Trends by Sector – Thematic Research

Understand environmental, social and governance trends across 16 major sectors, including, technology, macro-economic, key leaders and followers, actions taken by ESG leaders and thematic scorecards.

Fintech 3.0 – The Revolutionary Impact of Technology in Banking

The banking sector is on the verge of massive technological upheaval. Increased usage of smart devices, improved connectivity, and hyper-demanding customers are driving the need for digital transformation in the sector.

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