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Sustainable Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the major sectors which release a large amount of medical waste. 90% of the medical waste comes from packaging, paper & non-hazardous refuse which can be recycled if made from the right materials. Sustainable healthcare is important in achieving good health in sustainable ways.

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Clinical Trials: An Overview of Rescue Clinical Trials

Since 2010, the greatest annual number of rescue clinical trials occurred in 2018, with 7,657 clinical trials. Phase II outnumbered all other phases, making up to more than 40% of trials; all others were below 20%. North America leads single-country trials but Europe has the most multinational clinical trials. By therapeutic areas, Oncology and indications under its umbrella such as blood cancer, gastrointestinal tract cancer, and lung cancer were the top therapy area and indications tested in rescue clinical trials.

Geopolitics in Healthcare – Thematic Research

Many major healthcare providers, payors, and health technology (healthIT) firms operate across many global regions instead of remaining local. As such, political, social, and geographic events can place unexpected strain on players in the healthcare space. This report examines some of the most prominent geopolitical events unfolding in the world today and discusses their potential impact across the healthcare sector.

Environment Sustainability in Healthcare: Automated Biochemistry Analyzers

This report specifically looks at environment sustainability innovation in automated biochemistry analyzers for the healthcare industry and the leading companies, start-ups and their adoption trends. These insights help businesses in making informed strategic decisions for a more durable source of competitive advantage.

Medtech Steering the Patient-Centric Healthcare Revolution – Behind the Breakthroughs

The clock is ticking for traditional healthcare systems that are geared up to treat acute conditions as they happen, rather than preventing illness. The medical devices sector is undergoing a seismic shift towards a preventative model of care by marrying medtech with the internet of medical things (IoMT).

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