European manufacturers look to Turkey to achieve sustainability

European clothing brands are currently looking to nearshore more of their products, and Turkey is proving to be a solid contender for these manufacturers, as they strategically plan to implement sustainability efforts, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Thanks to its close proximity to the European Union and duty-free access through the Euro-Mediterranean Economic Partnership Agreement and the EU Customs Union, Europe is presently the largest market for Turkey‘s ready-made garments. However, countries like China, Bangladesh and Myanmar have often won the bulk of orders, largely due to their cost-competitiveness.

Hannah Abdulla, Apparel Correspondent at GlobalData, says: “Covid hit the apparel supply chain pretty hard, starting with factory shutdowns followed by delays in shipment orders to customers. Brands were forced to think how to continue to get uninterrupted supply should such an event reoccur in future. As a result, many European buyers turned to Turkey after clothing orders were stuck in China and the Far East.”

Turkey’s integrated suppliers – ones that do everything from knitting, dyeing and printing to production of ready-to-wear garments – is ensuring that the country remains attractive to these manufacturers. Coupled with this is the emphasis Turkish makers place on sustainability.

Abdulla Concludes: “Strong manufacturers are prioritising social compliance and sustainable production certification, taking steps to conserve water and energy. Sustainability, now more than ever, is top of mind for consumers and with many Turkish manufacturers readily offering this, buyers have all the more reason to turn to Turkey to meet their needs.”

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