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Intelligence Center

Interactive subscription platform with the most comprehensive data and analysis in your industry to help you decode the future.

Our Intelligence Center platform delivers all our services through the same interface, with combined search, browse and alert functionality.

We provide a unique mix of data and analysis across your industry, helping you to get ahead of the curve by matching the right proposition to the right target, in the right country and category.

In addition, our Intelligence Center offers a mix of data visualization, analytical and export tools to slot insight seamlessly into your workflows. The key aspects of the platform include:

GlobalData PLC Ease of Access

  • Highly powerful data access and mining application
  • Intuitive data search and advanced filtering functionality to find the right information quickly
  • Easy ways to download and export content to the formats you need (data, charts, images and text)

GlobalData PLCEmbedded Analytics

  • Big data manipulation tools for power users
  • Strong in-tool analytical capabilities
  • Direct access to our analyst teams

GlobalData PLCTailored Data Visualization

  • Leading edge visualization tools for different users
  • Clipping and report building functionality

GlobalData PLCEmbedded In Workflows

  • Data sharing and collaboration tools
  • Automated alerts on new and updated content in your interest areas

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