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Wealth Management

In a world where the role of investment advice is under ever increasing scrutiny and faces increasing competition from self-directed services, the need to understand your customers and their motivations is greater than ever.

Our reliable data and actionable insight delivers the answers you need to achieve growth. We will help you identify new market opportunities, understand investor behavior and track competitor activity.

With a subscription to our wealth management portfolio, you will have access to:

Proprietary Data
Proprietary data sets including Global Wealth Markets Analytics. Global Retail Investments Analytics, and Global Offshore Investment Analytics. Use our proprietary data to accurately size markets and opportunities across a range of key wealth management verticals.
Country Insight
In-depth coverage on key country markets, focusing on market sizing, future growth and the underlying drivers to help you gauge the opportunities in specific countries. Use this information to assess the potential for success in specific markets.
Customer Insight
In-depth country reports into HNV customers, covering demographics, asset allocation, offshore investing, and product and service demand, allowing you to tailor your wealth management proposition most effectively. Use this insight to optimize your marketing and distribution strategies, and to
inform your product development plans.
Competitor Insight
SuperLeague interactive ranking of major wealth managers. Accompanied by PowerPoint profiles of competitors, enabling you to benchmark your own position against the leading competitors. Use this information to see where the competition is investing and set your future growth strategy.
Competitor Tracker
Weekly tracking of 138 wealth managers, platforms and brokerages in an interactive dashboard. From M&A activity, to product innovation —among other things, the tracker captures all of the key developments from your competitors in one place. Save time and use our tracker to keep on top of the latest developments in the industry.

FinTrack takes a deeper look at selected developments in wealth management and life and pensions and grades these according to their innovativeness, their longevity, and their impact on consumers, on the
company concerned, and on the market as a whole. Use this information to keep up to date on the latest developments in fintech.

Issue Insight
Thematic reports focusing on strategic issues affecting wealth managers, from the rise of robo advisors to the latest offshore regulations, our insight reports will help you plan your next moves. Use this information to plan your responses to changes in the market and stay ahead of the curve.

Our Geographical Coverage in 79 countries

Our geographical coverage explores the latest trends and development across 79 consumer payments markets, and highlights the direction in which the industry is moving.