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FinovateEurope 2017: Introducing Bartosz Golba

Interim Head, Wealth Management

Ever since he started receiving pocket money as a kid, Bartosz has been interested in what can be done with cash apart from spending it on comic books. Having learnt more about financial services, this fascination led him to a career in the wealth management industry.  

Which areas of financial services are you most interested in and why?

When I grew up, the greatest investment challenge was not interpreting financial market conditions, but rather fighting my own personal biases. This fascination led me to a career in wealth management, where I continue to look for the reasoning behind the investment decisions made by participants in the global economy. Having worked as a private banker, I am well-versed on how advisors’ lives can be made easier with digital tools – hence I am genuinely excited by how technology is changing the face of the broader industry.

What do you think will be the hottest trend in fintech in 2017?

I would like to see if anyone can find a proper way to adopt blockchain in the wider wealth management (not just asset management) industry. However, I am not sure if this will happen in 2017. That said, I suspect this year will see increased use of artificial intelligence (or AI). While the concept of AI is not new to the financial services industry, more and more financial services providers will highlight the fact that they are leveraging it to the benefit of their customer engagement strategies.

Which demo are you looking forward to in particular and why?

Comarch and Moneyhub Enterprise announced they will present how AI can be used to communicate with clients about how they manage their finances. I can’t wait to see how effectively one can engage with AI-driven messaging services and how sophisticated problems can be solved without the support of a human advisor. While I personally support the view that humans are unlikely to be completely eliminated from the financial advice industry, I would be happy to challenge this technology myself!

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