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FinovateEurope 2017: Introducing Nicole Douglas

Analyst, Wealth Management

Nicole is passionate about technological developments within wealth management, most specifically, the adoption of innovations by traditional competitors. She is also interested in technology that encourages consumers to have a greater role in managing their personal finances.

Which area of financial services are you most interested in and why?

What interests me the most about financial services is the rate at which technology is becoming integrated into nearly every aspect of the industry. I’m fascinated to see how financial services will continue to benefit from software that increases touchpoints between consumers and providers. Digital platforms are becoming commonplace within wealth management, and the ability to strengthen communication and collaboration between HNW individuals and their wealth managers is more important than ever. Building these relationships is essential for wealth managers looking to maintain and grow market share.

What do you think will be the hottest trend in fintech in 2017?

The hottest trend will be holistic applications. Digital platforms that provide consumers with a one-stop-shop for viewing, monitoring, and making decisions about their finances are becoming more prevalent. Many consumers hold wealth across several banks, markets, and asset classes. Offering a convenient platform through which consumers can carry out all wealth decisions is key.

Which demo are you looking forward to in particular and why?

I’m looking forward to seeing Comarch demonstrate its interface for making financial decisions using software located on the dashboard of a car. Convenience and accessibility are features that are often highly prized, and so it will be interesting to see how this technology adds value to managing wealth from that perspective.

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