Six Flags’ Q2 results promising, but company must guard against past mistakes

Following today’s (24th July 2019) release of Six Flags Q2 2019 results, Laura Beaton, Travel & Tourism Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view:

“Six Flags Inc. reported today that its Q2 revenue increased 7% to $477m from Q2 2018. While this is good news for the company, it needs to ensure future results are not hampered by superfluous attempts at growth. There are big plans for expansion in China as well as a park under construction in Saudi Arabia but past disappointments are looming over the company.

“Plans for new Six Flags parks in Vietnam and Dubai have come to a standstill at present; this could be a bad omen for plans in other parts of the world. The company should be careful with its development after a largely forgotten expansion attempt in Europe in 1998. Six Flags Holland and Six Flags Belgium were two of the European parks renamed as part of the nominal expansion but were bought by Palamon Capital Partners in 2004 before being reverted back to their original Walibi branding.

“The company is a success in North America but this doesn’t guarantee the same outside of the continent. Competitors such as Disney and Universal are global brands, known to a huge audience because of famous movie franchises; Six Flags doesn’t have that power behind it. In order to succeed, Six Flags has to ensure its branding is polished and its marketing is targeted towards the new audience it seeks to attract.”

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