Ford’s electric Mustang is a bold but necessary move, says GlobalData

Following the news that Ford is to introduce an electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) in 2020;

David Leggett, Automotive Editor at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view:

“It is certainly a bold move by Ford to lend the Mustang name to an upcoming all-electric SUV. The idea is to promote the traditional Mustang brand’s strengths of performance and flair for a vehicle that will be fun and exciting, rather than merely created to help meet future compliance standards. The Mach-EE is no econobox.

“The car goes on sale in late-2020 and will be available with a standard 230-mile range on a full charge, which looks like a good number, as well as performance GT versions capable of very rapid acceleration. Ford is aiming for a Mustang that is attractive and aspirational, as well as bestowed with green credentials.

“Moreover, an electric Mustang is a direct challenge to Tesla, which is also introducing the similar Model Y. Where Tesla has succeeded in developing electric cars with a sporty and premium image, the established carmakers are now following.

“Ford and others will be hoping that their industrial strength can be brought to bear to deliver future electric vehicles in profitable volumes. Elon Musk will no doubt say that was always one of his aims in setting up Tesla.”

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