Over four million active jobs up for grabs in September globally, having grown by 9.1% MoM, finds GlobalData

  • In September 2021, the number of active jobs rose 9.1%, compared to August 2021
  • Senior-level job postings increased by 4%, month-on-month (MoM), September 2021 verses August
  • Job postings in the travel and tourism sector grew 5% MoM between August and September 2021

Job postings marginally declined MoM in September 2021, verses August, but the number of active jobs increased by 9.1%, according to GlobalData’s Job Analytics database. The leading data and analytics company notes that there were over four million active jobs up for grabs in September globally.

Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, says: “This rise in active job posts is the greatest growth we have seen all year. Businesses are getting back to pre-COVID-19 levels in order to meet growing demand, and hiring has seen an uptick. ”

Thalluri notes that September’s total job postings – which include active, closed and posted positions – reduced marginally in North America and Europe, when compared to the August. Job adverts in both the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions declined significantly.

Thalluri continues: “That job closures reduced while active jobs increased indicates that companies are not finding the talent they require. This might be because there is a shortage of skills for positions seeking highly qualified candidates, or simply that there is a lack of candidates. Either way, companies will find it takes longer to fill positions in North America and Europe.”

Sign-on bonuses show no sign of slowing

In early September, GlobalData observed that sign-on bonuses increased exponentially, and this trend is not slowing down.

Thalluri adds: “Sign-on bonuses for senior-level job positions continued to increase for the fifth month in a row, with a 7% month-on-month (MoM) rise. Listings for experienced and CXO talent hint that companies are looking to meet and explore strategic requirements across markets.”

Service-based sectors have recorded an increase in job listings. For example, the travel and tourism sector increased job postings by 6%. Further, foodservice sector postings increased by 5% in September.

Thalluri continued: “Interestingly, sectors are showing different trends across regions. The North America region saw the majority of job postings occurring in the travel and tourism and foodservice sectors, while Europe saw greater activity in the agriculture and forestry and foodservice industries. Meanwhile, the APAC and MEA regions saw listings in the automotive sector increase by 4% and 5%, respectively.”

Companies continue to post more jobs in cloud and big data, alongside mobile and data analytics themes. Additionally, the highest growth in job postings has been in smart materials and lithium-ion battery technologies themes. Companies continue to hire in emerging technologies as the world experiences a renewed push for sustainability.

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