GlobalData adds BioPharm Insight’s investigative journalist team to Healthcare division

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Leading data and analytics company GlobalData is pleased to announce the incorporation of BioPharm Insight’s investigative journalist content into its Healthcare offering.

The consolidation follows on from GlobalData’s acquisition of BioPharm Insight as part of the Infinata suite of products in April 2017.

The journalist team is based in London and New York and consists of a team of reporters, analysts and editors specializing in deep analyses and breaking news on the drug development sector.

GlobalData’s investigative journalists have unparalleled access to global key opinion leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Through their interviews with clinical trial investigators, physicians, scientists, researchers, consultants, lawyers and C-level executives, the news team is able to provide the most comprehensive, insightful and forward-looking news coverage in the industry.

The team provides global coverage of major medical conferences and material situations that highlight pivotal data presentations and analysis in advance of industry meetings and market-moving events. The areas of focus for the team include drug development, regulatory approvals, drug pricing, reimbursement and other market traction factors, policy and regulatory issues, litigation as well as medical devices, diagnostics, M&A, licensing and financing.

“Bringing in BioPharm Insight’s team of investigative journalists allows GlobalData to provide its clients with breaking news and unparalleled proprietary intelligence,” says Bonnie Bain, PhD, Global Head and Executive Vice President of Healthcare Operations and Strategy at GlobalData.

“The investigative journalist team is delighted to be able to expand the reach of its content by leveraging GlobalData’s market-leading position in the pharmaceutical industry as a trusted source of information,” says Querida Anderson, Editor-in-Chief.

The news team was first established in 2007 as Pharmawire, part of the Mergermarket Group and the Financial Times Group, and was renamed BioPharm Insight in 2011. The Mergermarket Group sold the Infinata suite of products – including BioPharm Insight and BioPharm Clinical – to GlobalData in April 2017.

GlobalData’s news team currently consists of the following members:


Querida Anderson – Editor-in-Chief, New York
Surani Fernando – Editor, North America, New York
Jennifer C. Smith-Parker – Editor, EMEA, London


Manasi Vaidya – Senior Reporter, New York
Coverage: Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Vaccines, Allergies, Respiratory

Reynald Castaneda – Senior Reporter, London
Coverage: Liver Diseases (NASH, HBV, HCV, PSC), Liver Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Colon Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer and Melanoma

Shuan Sim – Reporter, New York
Coverage: Ophthalmology, Bone Disease, Muscular Dystrophy Pain/Migraines, Neurology/CNS, Prostate Cancer, Brain Cancer, Thoracic Cancer, Head & Neck Cancers and Bladder Cancer

Hannah Wilgar – Reporter, London
Coverage: Contract Research Organizations, Contract Manufacturing Organizations, Rare Diseases and Hematological Cancers

Krystnell Storr – Reporter, New York
Coverage: Contract Research Organizations, Contract Manufacturing Organizations, Gastroenterology, Kidney Disease, Rheumatology, Women’s Health and Hematology

Arafa Salam – Reporter, London
Coverage: Dermatology, Cardiovascular Disease, Endocrinology/Diabetes and Infectious Diseases.

Editorial Analyst Team

Kelly Lambrinos – Senior Editorial Analyst, New York
Supa Chantschool – Senior Editorial Analyst, London
Pratik Pangaonkar – Editorial Analyst, New York
Sam Macleod – Editorial Analyst, London

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